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Art In America

Art in America's first album, originally released by Pavillion/Epic in 1983 and was re-released for CD in 1996 by Renaissance. The album was produced by Eddie Offord (Yes, ELP) and includes T Lavitz (Dixie Dregs) on keyboards, with pre-production help from Steve Morse.

Art in America remains the first Art Rock band to feature a full Lyon & Healy pedal string harp. This layered sound included intricate interplay between guitar/harp and harp/bass.

Taking cues from Genesis, Yes, Beatles and Alan Parsons, this progressive rock quartet was comprised of siblings Chris (vocals, guitar), Dan (drums, percussion), and Shishonee Flynn (vocals, string harp) and friend James Kuha on bass guitar and Moog bass pedals.

The influential LP cover painted by Ioannis was featured in the book "1000 Record Covers" by Michael Ochs and published by Taschen.

Alas, the band succumbed to an indifferent record industry and failed to release a second LP. The focus since year 2000 has been continued music composition for various free internet sites. Art in America also incorporates and features new artwork from new and upcoming artists/painters.

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Art In America

  1. Art In America
  2. If I Could Fly
  3. Undercover Lover
  4. Sinatra Serenade
  5. The Line
  6. Loot
  7. Won’t It Be Strange
  8. Too Shy To Say
  9. Brett & Hibby
  10. Won't It Be Strange (live)
  11. Insult The Fashion (live)
  12. How To
  13. Liferaft
  14. Shadows In The Corner
  15. All In All
  16. Waves