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The Eurogliders was formed in 1980 by Bernie Lynch (guitar and vocals) and Amanda Vincent (keyboards), originally under the name of "Living Single". Lynch and Vincent advertised in a Perth newspaper and recruited the original line-up, Crispin Akkerman (guitar), Guy Slingerland (drums) and Don Meharry (bass). The band performed for two years in Perth, generating their material, sound and building up a following. By the end of 81, drummer John Bennets replaced Slingerland following his resignation. In 1981 well after the band had established itself, an ex-girlfriend of Lynch's, former cabaret singer Grace Knight, auditioned for the band and was recruited as the lead vocalist. Some months later, the band changed their name to Eurogliders and was soon approached by manager Brian Peacock, who closed their first recording and publishing contracts with Polydor. Eurogliders then recruited Melbourne bass player Geoff Rosenberg. In 1982, with the line-up settled, Eurogliders travelled to Manila, capital city of the Philippines, to record their first album which was produced by Englishman Len Lubin. From Manila, the band relocated to Sydney. The album was called Pink Suit Blue Day, and their first hit single later that year was "Without You".

After changing record labels from Polydor to CBS in 1983, the band replaced their bass player once again with Scott Saunders and went to the UK to record their second album. While on this trip, the band recruited bass player Ron Francois, formerly of The Teardrop Explodes. With the line-up which would eventually take the band to stardom, the band recorded This Island, produced by Nigel Gray (best known for his work with the Police). It was not until the release of the single "Heaven (Must Be There)" from this album in 1984, which reached No. 2 on the Australian singles charts and 65 on the American Billboard charts, that the band received national and international attention. The album went platinum in Australia and peaked at 140 in the US Billboard charts. "Heaven" then started off a domino effect of hits, with "We Will Together" (No. 7, 1985), "The City of Soul" (No. 19, 1985), "Can't Wait to See You" (No. 8, 1985) and "Absolutely" (No. 29, 1986). The album Absolutely spent 47 weeks in the Australian charts. Between 1984 and 1986, Eurogliders toured Australia, the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Japan and New Zealand.

At the height of the band's success, Grac e Knight and Bernie Lynch reconciled their relationship and were married in 1985 but the union was short-lived. Despite their marital separation, they stayed together in the band for another four years. Just a year after Knight and Lynch separated, Knight embarked on an affair with Ackerman. The band dismissed the manager who had been largely responsible for their success, Brian Peacock, and took over the band's management. Several months later Lynch and Knight exercised a loophole in their band agreement and dramatically sacked three of the other band members, Francois, Vincent and Bennets. Knight used Ackerman for the sole purpose of taking sides. The impending line-up change had been an open industry secret and was announced on Melbourne radio before the three departing Eurogliders were informed by Lynch over the telephone. Akkerman stayed in the outfit for a short time as eventually he was not of use anymore as the Lynch/Knight duo had got precisely what they wanted. Vincent went to London to do a world tour with the Thompson Twins, and stayed in the UK to tour and co-wrote with Boy George over several years. Francois became a successful session musician in Australia, Akkerman returned to his visual art background and became a critically acclaimed painter, while Bennets toured with Eartha Kitt and other luminaries.

After the 1986 'bloodless coup', the Lynch-Knight duo and their PR team wrote a retrospective history of the band which erased the names of all founding Eurogliders members (apart from Lynch) and former members (apart from Knight), proclaiming the duo were the "founding" members and formed Eurogliders together. This is a myth which has remained unchallenged and has perpetuated to the present moment. In 1986, Lynch and Knight recruited a cohort of session musicians and commenced recording their fourth album "Groove" (No. 13, 1988). Recording of Groove commenced after Grace Knight fell pregnant to a cameraman she met on a Eurogliders video shoot. Grace brought her son into the Sony Recording studio and would sing while nursing. In 1989 unable to achieve their earlier successes with the sound and image of the original members, the new Eurogliders disbanded.

After her departure from the reconfigured Eurogliders, Knight made a cameo appearance in the TV series 'Come In Spinner' and sang on the soundtrack which was released in 1990. Knight was billed as a "jazz singer" on subsequent tours, although the Australian jazz community of musicians and critics widely rejected her PR machine's claim that Knight was "Australia's number one Jazz Diva". Nevertheless, Come in Spinner sold well and launched an impressive new career for Knight. While Knight carved out her solo career, Lynch became the business manager of his second wife, fashion designer Collette Dinnigan.

Some fifteen years later, Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch reformed under the name of Eurogliders in October 2005 and released their fifth album simply called Eurogliders. Knight and Lynch started touring again as Eurogliders in April of 2006 and performed at "The Countdown Spectacular", which was a nostalgic tour of Australian bands from the 70s and 80s, sponsored by the pop television show Count Down and its host Molly Meldrum. Although Eurogliders' publicity material used images of the 80s band who recorded their hits, Lynch and Knight hired session musicians to replicate the parts of the original musicians. The new Eurogliders' 6th album Blue Kiss was recorded during the same sessions as their previous recording and was released in 2007. Their official website was shut down in September 2008 and The Eurogliders cyber material shifted over to separate Eurogliders and Bernie Lynch My Space sites. On the latter page, a five-minute, Country and Western version of "Heaven" appeared with Lynch performing all of the vocals, accompanied by acoustic guitar, pedal steel, banjo and bongo. The Lynch cover still begins with Vincent's identifying bell keyboard motif (albeit cut, pasted and rhythmically displaced). Regardless of Lynch's reworking, Vincent's theme continues to function as an aural brand name which heralds the song that instantly identifies The Eurogliders. Vincent's solo was also pasted into the middle of the track, as was Akkerman's identifying guitar hook. Vincent and Akkerman do not own their own performances.

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This Island

  1. Heaven (Must Be There)
  2. Someone
  3. No Action
  4. Never Say
  5. Maybe Only I Dream
  6. Cold Comfort
  7. Another Day In The Big World
  8. Keep It Quiet
  9. Nothing To Say
  10. Judy's World
  11. Waiting For You
  12. It's The Way
  13. Without You
  14. Listen


  1. Can’t Wait To See You
  2. The City Of Soul
  3. What Kind Of Fool
  4. So Tough
  5. We Will Together
  6. Absolutely
  7. Jesse
  8. Moving Away
  9. Enough Love
  10. I Like To Hear It
  11. The City Of Soul (Absolutely Mix)
  12. Dreaming
  13. Another Day In The Big World (extended version)