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Illusion were a British band formed in 1977. They released two albums, Out of the Mist and Illusion on Island Records. Their music was classically-iinspired, sophisticated, and polished. Illusion was started by former-Yardbird/Renaissance member Jim McCarty, as well as fellow Renaissance contributors Jane Relf (vocals), Louis Cennamo (bass), and John Hawken (keyboards). They drafted guitarist John Knightsbridge and drummer Eddie McNeil into the band and began to make progressive rock when it was one of the hottest genres in England. A self-titled release arrived in 1976, followed the next year by Out of the Mist. A third album was scrapped when the band broke up over the usual creative disputes and the growing disdain for progressive rock among the growing punk scene. The demos from these sessions saw the light of day in the '90s, which are notable mostly for having the last recorded appearance of former-Yardbird Keith Relf. Island Years from 2003 collected the best of their first two albums onto one CD.

Illusion were intended to be a reunion of the original line-up of Renaissance (whose second album was titled Illusion), but singer and guitarist Keith Relf died before the project was realised. Jim McCarty moved from drums, replaced by Eddie McNeill, to play acoustic guitar and share vocals with Jane Relf, and John Knightsbridge took over the guitarist's role with John Hakwen, ex-Strawbs and ex-Nashville Teens on keyboards and former Armageddon ("Silver Tightrope") bassist Louis Cennamo.

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Enchanted Caress

  1. Nights In Paris
  2. Walking Space
  3. The Man Who Loved The Trees
  4. Getting Into Love Again
  5. As Long As We're Together
  6. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
  7. Living Above Your Head
  8. Crossed Lines
  9. You Are The One
  10. All The Falling Angels
  11. Roads To Freedom
  12. Face Of Yesterday