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Jerry Martini formed the funk band Rubicon with Jack Blades as bass player and future Night Ranger guitarist Brad Gillis. Rubicon recorded two albums on 20th Century Fox Records – ‘’Rubicon’’, and ‘’American Dreams’’. They had one single titled “I’m Gonna take care of Everything.” Rubicon played Cal Jam 2, held at the Ontario motor speedway in California before 250,000 people. Rubicon broke up in 1979 and Jack formed the short lived club band Stereo with Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy, who had joined as touring drummer for Rubicon.

The distinctive bass guitar sound that highlights RUBICON is supplied by Jack Blades who has been playing bass since the age of twelve . A native of Palm Springs, California, Jack's genuine enthusiasm for his music saw him join many local bands in Southern California. Jack was a pre-med student at San Diego State University when he first met Jerry who was so impressed with Jack's playing that he decided to put a band together structured around Jack's style of playing and convinced him to move to San Francisco and work there until Jerry was ready to put the group together.

Jack's friendship with RUBICON's drummer and lead vocalist, Greg Eckler, predates the birth of RUBICON. Greg and Jack have played together a number of years ago and were familiar with each other's musical styles prior to joining forces in RUBICON. Born in Kentucky, Greg played the trumpet in high school and college where he learned to read and write music. A great showman, his facial appearance bears a striking resemblance to Elton John, but Greg's way around his double bass drum set is uniquely his own.

Jim Pugh, keyboardist, has an intense driving passion for music. With substantial formal training, Jim is the group's most technically proficient member. Jim's enthusiasm for music is only paralleled by his passion for sports. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jim has been a resident of the Bay Area since the early 70's. His interest in music knows no barriers and at one time in his career he was a member of a band that played only Mexican music. His wild, exuberant personality lies in perfect contrast to that of Max Haskett, the mellow introspective, pipe-smoking, trumpet player of RUBICON. Max's soaring vocal range and sensitive interpretation of material makes him the choice to handle the greatest portion of the singing. Max was born and bred in the Bay Area an has been part of its music scene for many years. Most recently he was a member of Lydia Pense and Cold Blood and recorded several albums.

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Rubicon / America Dreams

  1. And The Moon’s Out Tonight
  2. Far Away
  3. Closely
  4. Vanilla Gorilla
  5. I'm Gonna Take Care Of Everything
  6. I Want To Love You
  7. Cheatin'
  8. It's All For The Show
  9. That's The Way Things Are
  10. Dr. Spears
  11. Hungry For Your Love
  12. Gimmie Some Loving
  13. Love On The Run
  14. America Dreams
  15. Too Good To Take For Granted
  16. Eyes Of Mary
  17. Washington ‘73
  18. Higher And Higher
  19. Let Yourself Go