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Ken Kraft has made his living as a musician since 1967 when he left Southern California and moved to the beautiful Monterey Bay town of Santa Cruz. In 1968 he partnered with Bob O'Neill and joined the group Snail which went on to tour extensively and put out two well received albums released world wide.

Snail was one of the best local bands in the Santa Cruz / San Jose area. They were a 'Cream-style' power quartet with Bob O’Neill and Ken Kraft on vocals & guitars, Brett Bloomfield on bass, and Don Baldwin on drums.

This CD release documents their two great albums from the late 1970s. Ken Kraft and Bob O'Neill were magical together. Their live performances lit up clubs like The Catalyst, The Crow's Nest, The Bodega, The Wooden Nickel and many more.

snail snail flow    

Snail / Flow

  1. The Joker
  2. Catch Me
  3. Music Is My Mistress
  4. Childhood Dreams
  5. Try And Wonder
  6. Keep On Livin’
  7. You Gotta Run
  8. Carry Me
  9. Freedom In The Country
  10. I’ve Got A Lady
  11. Here With You
  12. Love Should FLow
  13. Threw It Away
  14. Lettin’ Go
  15. Tonight
  16. Rollin’ In Your Love
  17. Forever
  18. And Your Bird Can Sing
  19. Broke Up, Broke Down