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The Tystnaden is a band Death Metal with influences Gothic metal formed in Udine in 1998 . The Tystnaden formed in 1998 thanks to Marco Di Castri (bass), Cesare Codispoti (guitar), Federico Grassi (guitar) andNestor Borgo (drums), who fascinated by the Scandinavian metal ( Dark Tranquillity , In Flames , Sentenced ) put the band a Swedish name Tystnaden (silence).

In 1999 he joined the group Laura De Luca , this allows an evolution in their style combining a female voice to the typical voice Death masculine atmosphere combining Gothic metal .

In 2000 recorded their first demo Tystnaden (containing two tracks), shortly after the recording, however, the singer John Garimoldi and drummer Nestor Borgo left the band for personal reasons, and are replaced byAlberto Iezzi on drums and Lorenzo Frascaroli on keyboards and vocals growl .

In 2003 released their second demo Fragments collecting quite surprising success the same components of the group, and signed the band to a deal with Limb Music Products .

In 2006 they released their first album of the band Sham Of Perfection . At the same time when the album is also one of the founders of the Marco Di Castri left the band for personal reasons and was soon replaced by Artur Sahakjan, former session man in Tystnaden during the months prior to the departure of Mark.

After intense promotion of Sham of Perfection , the Tystnaden started composing new material. In July 2007 come back to the studio to record their second Full Length, In Our Eye , sounding much more mature and modern. The album was released in North America, Central and South on July 8, 2008, in short the output to Europe and rest of the world.

In January 2009 the band officially announced the abandonment, for personal reasons, the guitarist Federico Grassi, replaced by Marco Cardona, guitarist and author, among others, two discs instrumental, Deep Forest (2003) and Instrumentality (2008), characterized by the presence of Gregg Bissonette on drums, historical drummer David Lee Roth Band, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and many others.

The year 2010 has seen the rotation, on keyboards and vocals male, between Lorenzo Frascaroli and Giancarlo Guarrera. The band has completed the recording of their third album full-length album in December 2010.


In Our Eye

1. Nevermore
2. Subterranean Gates
3. Letters From Silent Heaven
4. Fragile
5. Born From A Wish
6. Greed
7. Infected
8. Hate
9. Wrong With All The Feelings
10. Sweet Thief