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Cherry Vanilla

Cherry Vanilla (born Kathy Dorritie) is an publicist, singer-songwriter and early 1970's Glam rock star. She has worked as David Bowie’s publicist and previously also performed in Andy Warhol's stage show Pork.

Warhol's Pork starring Vanilla and Wayne (now Jayne) County, is cited as a direct influence on Bowie's change from floppy hatted folk singer to outrageous glitter queen in 71/72.

Vanilla was the first female to front a rock band on the NY scene, ahead of Patti Smith and Blondie. Her high profile in NY was the impetus for Miles Copeland to invite her to England, using her as allure to attract attention to the then unknown band, The Police.

After parting ways with Bowie in the mid 70's, she moved to London (in 1976), becoming part of the emerging punk scene and releasing two albums on RCA Records. The Cherry Vanilla Band consisted of bassist Gordon "Sting" Sumner, later replaced by Howard Finkel, drummer Stewart Copeland, later replaced by Michael Mancuso (who soon went on to achieve global success as The Police, with Andy Summers in Padovani's place), guitarist (and then-boyfriend) Louis Lepore and keyboard player Zecca Esquibel.

In 1980 she performed the narrative on Vangelis' "Not A Bit - All Of It" (from his "See You Later" album). She then ran his American office.

In 1987, she was the composer in the boxing club documentary film Broken Noses.

bad girl venus d'vinyl    

Bad Girl / Venus D'Vinyl

  1. I Know How To Hook
  2. So 1950’s
  3. Not So Bad
  4. The Punk
  5. No More Canaries
  6. Hard As A Rock
  7. Liverpool
  8. Foxy Bitch
  9. Bad Girl
  10. Little Red Rooster
  11. Amanda (Paradise)
  12. The Young Boys
  13. Lover Like You
  14. Wayni’s Sweet
  15. Mr. Spider
  16. You Belong To Me
  17. California
  18. Tear Myself Away
  19. The Round Dance
  20. Moonlight