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Wax UK

Wax UK was the union of veteran musicians Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman, which produced several albums in the 1980s. Gold, the son of Academy Award-winning composer Ernest Gold and Marni Nixon (who had handled the singing for, among others, Natalie Wood in West Side Story), had been a member of Linda Ronstadt's band and found success as a solo artist and songwriter in the '70s. Gouldman had been a solo artist as well as a member of Hotlegs and 10CC.

In 1986, Wax UK released their debut, Magnetic Heaven, which spent nearly three months on the U.S. album charts, spawning the hit "Right Between the Eyes," which just failed to reach the Top 40, peaking at number 43. Two more albums by the duo followed, 1987's American English, which contained the successful European single "Bridge to Your Heart," and 1989's A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes. The latter two records failed to achieve sales of the debut and, by the beginning of the '90s, both Gold and Gouldman had moved on to other efforts; the former, in the singer/songwriter collaboration Bryndle; the latter, participating in a reunion with his 10CC mates. On June 3, 2011, Gold died in his sleep from heart failure at age 59 in Los Angeles

magnetic heaven american english    

Magnetic Heaven

  1. Right Between The Eyes
  2. Hear No Evil
  3. Shadows Of Love
  4. Marie Claire
  5. Ball And Chain
  6. Systematic
  7. Breakout
  8. Only A Visitor
  9. Rise Up
  10. Magnetic Heaven

American English

  1. American English
  2. In Some Other World
  3. Ready Or Not
  4. Call It Destiny
  5. Bridge To Your Heart
  6. Share The Glory
  7. Alright Tonight
  8. The Promise
  9. Heaven In Her Bed
  10. Bug In The Machine