Henry Gross to re-Release Iconic Album Onto Vinyl

Henry Gross to re-Release Iconic Album Onto Vinyl

Posted by Renaissance Records Team on Jul 20th 2021

From the great doo wop/rock revival outfit Sha Na Na comes Henry Gross and his fourth solo album, Release. Henry Gross is best known for his work in the soft rock genre as well as for acting as one of the founding members of Sha Na Na, appearing with them at the famous Woodstock festival. Gross left the group to become a solo singer-songwriter in 1971, and wrote several albums before his hit 1976 album, Release.

Release is a collection of ten songs written by Henry Gross between September and November of 1975. Release includes hit single "Shannon" which peaked at number six on the US Billboard charts. The song was actually based upon a tragedy, the death of Carl Wilson's beloved pet dog. Henry Gross, as both fan and friend of The Beach Boys, dedicated the single to the lost pet and immortalized her with the song's popularity.

Release by Henry Gross on Deluxe 180-gram vinyl is available to pre-order now. This Deluxe release will include a gatefold, a trading card of Henry Gross, lost photos and a lyric sheet.


  1. Juke Box Song
  2. Lincoln Road
  3. Overton Square
  4. Springtime Mama
  5. Moonshine Alley
  6. Shannon
  7. One Last Time
  8. Something In Between
  9. Someday
  10. Pokey