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Catchy, yet bombastic music, great female vocals, pounding metal, atmospheric interludes, a progressive edge and stunning breakdowns: Morning has it all! This female-fronted metal band from the Netherlands managed to stand out thanks to their never-ending enthusiasm, passion and energy!

2000-2005 Morning was founded in 2000 by singer Saskia van Heugten and drummer Mauro Pi. They soon found the brothers Pol Bannier (bassguitar) and Stijn Bannier (synths) to form the band. When guitarists Martijn Brauwers and Bas Rensen joined the band in 2002, the band got countless performances in and outside of the Netherlands, which was remarkable for an unsigned band. "We only released three demo EP's in three years and we had the chance to perform in the best venues, with the coolest bands and on the biggest festivals!" adds Stijn Bannier.

2005-2007 This didn't stay unnoticed: Morning signed a record deal with Black Lotus Records, who in 2005 did a worldwide release of Morning's debut album Hour of Joy. Again, the band got caught in a rollercoaster ride of very positive reviews, tours in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with among others Epica and The Old Dead Tree, interviews, support slots for bands like Delain, My Dying Bride, After Forever and Therion, performing at (inter)national festivals and in even more venues!

2008-2009 With producer Gail Liebling, who also worked with Fear Factory and Symphony X, Morning recorded their second album Moments of Truth. According to the band: "Gail gave the songs the sound they needed: in-your-face!" Moments of Truth was released in August 2008 by Snakebite Records in the Benelux. New drummer Jim van de Kerkhof and the new album got things moving again in 2008 and 2009! The album got raving reviews, saw licensed releases in the UK and North- and South-America and the band had lots of media exposure and toured the Benelux and Germany. Morning closed the year of 2009 by playing their 200th show.

2010 Morning started 2010 with some great shows. Together with Trail of Tears and Epica they played several sold-out shows in the Netherlands.


Moments Of Truth

1. Fading vs. Waiting
2. Killing Truth
3. Black Roses
4. Death of Hearts
5. Let's Escape
6. My Shadow's Meal
7. Ever Unfolding Secret
8. Disorder
9. A Burden
10. My Gift in Deep Red
11. Tortured
12. Blow
13. Shaping Time