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    Before her first single, ‘Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?’ placed in the Billboard country chart, before her international pop breakthrough with album, ‘Come On Over’, before her Las Vegas residency and before her recent duet with Orville Peck. She was Eilleen Edwards, better known as Shania Twain.

    In the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s the then-unknown Twain was working with producer Paul Sabu. Together they recorded a collection of demos that are far from anything she is known for as the singer and songwriter she is today.

    The music label, Renaissance Records has announced the arrival of The First Time…For The Last Time on vinyl by Shania Twain. This is the first time this album has been issued in the vinyl format.

    “If you’re looking for country music you aren’t going to find it on this album.” Jonie Lyle, inventory assistant at Renaissance Records explains.

    “This album is full of energetic and well produced pop/ rock songs.” Lyle says. “Every track gives you a sneak peek at young Shania’s superstar potential.”

    This pop rock album spawned catchy songs, ‘Lost My Heart‘, ‘Hate To Love‘ and ‘Don’t Give Me That (Once Over) and ‘Two Hearts One Love‘. This album also contains remix versions of ‘Hate To Love’, ‘It’s Alright’ and ‘For The Love Of Him’.

    The First Time…For The Last Time is now available on limited edition 180g 2LP that includes extra incentives in this deluxe vinyl packaging. These extra incentives include restored liner notes, lost and exclusive photos, lyric sheet and a trading card of Shania Twain.

    Canadian band PRISM Releases Deluxe Vinyl Edition of Their Greatest Hits

    November 19, 2020 Celtic BobRock News

    On October 1st, 2020 Renaissance Records announced the arrival of Anthology 45 Years by the Canadian based classic rock band, Prism.

    This digitally remastered and edited package – captures 45 years Prism’s rock sound led by their solid lineup of lead vocalist Ron Tobak, guitarist Lindsay Mitchell, keyboardist John Hall, bass guitarist Al Harlow, drummer Rocket Norton and replacement vocalist Henry Small.

    “Prism was an innovative Canadian band that bordered arena rock with elements of progressive rock.” John Edwards, the founder of Renaissance Records, states. “They created melodic songs that have had a lasting impact on the music industry.”

    This limited edition 180g 2LP album has been put together with deluxe incentives. This includes trading cards of the original band members, a poster, bumper sticker and original lyric sheets.

    Kayak's 1978 album Phantom Of The Night gets vinyl reissue

    By  () November 24, 2020

    Dutch prog rockers Kayak's 1978 release Phantom Of The Night to be reissued on vinyl

    Dutch prog rockers Kayak are to have their 1978 album Phantom Of The Night reissued on vinyl by the US label Renaissance Records.

    Phantom Of The Night was Kayak's sixth album and their band's most commercially successful. It spawned their biggest single Ruthless Queen, which was a major hit in their native Netherlands, reaching No. 6 in 1979.

    The album features their line-up of lead vocalist Edward Reekers, guitarist Johan Slager, keyboardist Ton Scherpenzeel, bass guitarist Peter Scherpenzeel, drummer Max Werner, backup vocalist Katherine Lapthorn and backup vocalist Irene Linders.

    The new reissue, which has been digitally remastered and is a limited edition 180g vinyl release which also includes trading cards of the original band members, restored liner notes, poster, lyric sheet and a bumper sticker.


    Renaissance Records signs deal with BMG.

    Classic rock record label Renaissance Records just signed a licensing deal with BMG to reissue legendary British rock bands Girlschool and Magnum onto vinyl. They will reissue and remaster four early albums from the all woman band Girlschool and five early albums from Magnum.

    Girlschool is the longest running all female rock band.” Cameron Renter, inventory associate at Renaissance Records states. “And they're still active.”

    “Both band haven't been pressed onto vinyl since their initial releases back in the 70's and 80's.” Renter continues to explain. “These releases will contain more than just music. Each LP will contain extra incentives like a poster, trading cards of the original band, exclusive photos, original lyric sheets and more.

    Renaissance Records will be releasing Girlschool and Magnum albums onto limited edition 180g vinyl in April of 2021. Stay up to date on these upcoming 2021 releases by visiting www.RenaissanceRecordsUS.com. Shop their current vinyl catalog on their online store.

    April 2021 Releases

    Girlschool – Demolition

    Girlschool – Hit and Run

    Girlschool – Screaming Blue Murder

    Girlschool – Play Dirty

    Magnum – Kingdom of Madness

    Magnum – Magnum II

    Magnum – Marauder

    Magnum – Chase The Dragon

    Magnum – The Eleventh Hour

    A Rebirth: Renaissance Records is enjoying vinyl’s comeback


    When John Edwards was 15 years old, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” was released and he was immediately taken.

    “It always impressed me, because not only did you get the record, but you got a poster, you got stickers, you got cool photos,” he says.

    With his company Renaissance Records, Edwards is taking the same approach—giving people extras.

    North Phoenix-based Renaissance Records, which originally specialized in reissuing music onto CD, is releasing music on vinyl for the first time.

    “Vinyl sales are actually the highest they’ve ever been since the 1980s,” says Devon Yancey, director of marketing and media at Renaissance Records.

    “They actually in September of this year outsold CDs for the first time,” she says.

    The company is expected to release more than 50 albums and singles in 2021. All vinyl releases include something extra.

    Renaissance Records’ vinyl project began with the release “Anthology: 45 Years” from ’80s Canadian rock band Prism.

    This limited-edition 180g album included trading cards of the original band members, restored liner notes, a poster, bumper sticker and lyric sheets.

    Other vinyl albums available at Renaissance Records include music from Kayak, Shania Twain and Charlie.

    Customers have the option to purchase directly from Renaissance’s website or purchase from the 300 online and physical retailers that carry its albums.

    Renaissance Records was born in Nashville, when Edwards, an Arizona native, moved there in 1993.

    “It was a very different landscape back then, because CDs were selling like crazy,” Edwards says. “And as the early 2000s kind of went on, we saw the writing on the wall. The big record stores were going to start kind of fading.”

    In 2007, he moved to Arizona with the label, one of the first record companies to join iTunes, Edwards says.

    Renaissance Records has licensed music from EMI-Capitol Sony Music, BMG/RCA/Arista and Universal Music Group as well as from individual artists. It has also licensed a library of live concert recordings, which are now a part of its Concert Classics series.

    Artists included in the Renaissance Records library are Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Judas Priest and Blue Oyster Cult.

    The company also releases music from new artists who have a similar sound to classic rock and country artists.

    “I grew up with vinyl,” Edwards says. “There’s definitely a warmth in the vinyl.” 

    For Edwards, the sound of vinyl records cannot be found in digital presentations of music, which, he says, is a more mathematical representation of the music and is not what the artists originally envisioned.

    “They wanted people to have an emotional response to the music,” says Edwards, who graduated from UA with a BS in physics and an MS in systems engineering.

    “You see people who display album covers on their walls; there’s a reason for that. It’s a piece of art. It’s a piece of pop culture.”


    December 9, 2020, 3 weeks ago

    After a couple of world tours with the hard rock band Rainbow between 1975 and 1977. Tony Carey was ready to move on and begin his work on his solo career. After two successful albums Carey found himself in an interesting position. He had written a ton of new music that didn't fit his upcoming third album as Tony Carey. He quickly signed another deal with Geffen records and would release this new music under the pseudonym, Planet P Project.

    Renaissance Records has announced the arrival of the reissue of Planet P Project's first self-titled album onto vinyl. Planet P Project's self-titled album is an experimental progressive rock album with science-fiction concepts. It revolves around the general story of an astronaut who can't come back to Earth because the planet has been destroyed.

    The highly acclaimed single, “Why Me”, was released as Planet P Project's first single. “Why Me” went on to reach #64 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and #4 in the magazines Top Rock Tracks chart in 1983. The music video for Why Me also received exposure during the early MTV days. The tracks, “Power Tools” and “King For A Day” also received some airplay during this time.

    “This album is like being a part of a space odyssey.” Jonie Lyle, inventory assistant explains. “It creates its own chronicles of science-fiction adventures through each track.” 

    “It's a very exciting, surreal and energy filled album that is often thought provoking.” Lyle says.



    December 29, 2020,

    In 1982 the English band, Esquire was formed by Nikki Squire after her husband, Chris Squire (bassist, backing vocalist and a founding member of the progressive rock band, Yes.) went on tour and leaving their home studio free. While assisting the band, New Cross in their home studio Nikki was soon asked to sing lead on a couple of their songs. By the time Chris got off tour he came home to find his wife apart of the band. The band was short lived, but Nikki Squire continued to work and write with the bassist Nigel McLaren.

    First they finished the song, Hourglass and continued to work on each song one by one until they had a full album. This 1987 album would their debut album as the band, Esquire.

    “Esquire's first album had a lot of talent that contributed to the production of the album.” Jonie Lyle, inventory assistant at Renaissance Records explains. “Chris Squire was also very supportive of Nikki's music endeavors.”

    “Chris Squire, Alan White (Drummer in Yes), Trevor Horn (Producer/ Former Singer in Yes) and Nikki Squire's eldest daughter, Carmen Squire, all assisted on their first album.” Lyle states.

    Renaissance Records has announced the arrival of the vinyl reissue of Esquire by Esquire. Esquire features tracks, 'To The Rescue', 'Blossomtime', 'Sunshine' and 'Moving Together'. This Limited Edition 180g LP will include extra incentives that Renaissance Records is known to include in their vinyl packaging. These extra incentives include lyrics sheets, exclusive photos, restored liner notes and trading cards of the original band.

    This English famous rock band is led by their solid lineup of lead vocalist Nikki Squire, bassist and vocalist Nigel McLaren and keyboardist and vocalist Charles Olins.


    Jacopo Vigezzi - December 5, 2020

    After nearly forty years since it’s 1982 release, music label Renaissance Records announces the arrival of “I Won’t Be Home Tonight” on vinyl by Tony Carey.

    Tony Carey had spent two full world tours with Rainbow when he left the band in 1977 to pursue a solo career. This eventually resulted in the masterpiece that is Tony Carey‘s second solo album “I Won’t Be Home Tonight.” The Rock album spawned singles, “I Won’t Be Home Tonight,” “Running Away From The Thought Of You” and “West Coast Summer Nights.” “West Coast Summer
    ” went on to peak at #8 on Billboard’s Top Rock Hot 100 Chart.

    This album is very melodic and is full of catchy choruses.” Jonie Lyle, inventory assistant at Renaissance Records states.

    We’ve carried this album on CD for years. After almost four decades since it’s original pressing it was time to get it repressed onto it’s original medium.”

    I Won’t Be Home Tonight” is now available on limited edition 150g red colored vinyl that includes extra incentives that Renaissance Records is known to include in their deluxe vinyl packaging. These extra incentives include lyric sheets, a poster and a trading card of Tony Carey.


    Jacopo Vigezzi - November 26. 2020

    Dutch prog rockers Kayak are to have their 1978 album “Phantom Of The Night” reissued on vinyl by the US label Renaissance Records.

    Phantom Of The Night” was Kayak‘s sixth album and their band’s most commercially successful. It spawned their biggest single “Ruthless Queen,” which was a major hit in their native Netherlands, reaching No. 6 in 1979.

    The album features their line-up of lead vocalist Edward Reekers, guitarist Johan Slager, keyboardist Ton Scherpenzeel, bass guitarist Peter Scherpenzeel, drummer Max Werner, backup vocalist Katherine Lapthorn and backup vocalist Irene Linders.

    The new reissue, which has been digitally remastered and is a limited edition 180g vinyl release which also includes trading cards of the original band members, restored liner notes, poster, lyric sheet and a bumper sticker.

    Kayak released their latest album “Seventeen” through InsideOut Music in 2018.