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    Women Leading the Rock & Roll World in 2020
    By Devon Yancey | August 4, 2020

    I'll never forget when I first heard Evanescence's album, Fallen. I was twelve going on thirteen years old, impressionable, and had only been exposed to music my parents had listened to through the years. I admired classic rock artists like Queen, Joan Jett, AC/DC, Genesis and Fleetwood Mac because of growing up on it. Now coming into my preteen years I was coming into my own and developing my own music tastes that often differed from my peers. Evanescence was exactly what I had been looking for in a band. After this discovery I fell down a rabbit hole of amazing female led bands that heavily influenced my current music tastes. Here's 8 influential women in music that are killing it in the rock & roll world despite the hardships 2020 has brought to the entertainment industry.
    Amy Lee – Evanescence
    Classically trained pianist and singer came into the spotlight with the release of Evanescence's album, “Fallen”. Co-founder Amy Lee brought emotion, haunting vocals and a whole lot of power to the stage. She combined rock, pop, opera and metal that made Evanescence stand out from it's peers. Evanescence plans to release their new album, “The Bitter Truth” sometime this year. In the meantime they have released singles, “Wasted on You” earlier this year in April and “The Game Is Over” last month.
    Song Suggestions: Bring Me To Life, Call Me When You're Sober & Speak to Me
    Dorothy Martin – Dorothy
    This California based singers bluesy powerhouse voice takes you right back to the Woodstock era. Though Dorothy's music is honest and rocks hard, there is a hint of femininity woven into each song. Dorothy has released two albums, “Rock is Dead”, and “28 Days in the Valley” with plans to release a third untitled album they have already started writing for.
    Song Suggestions: Dark Nights, After Midnight & Flawless
    Maria Brink – In This Moment
    Maria Brink is a force to be reckoned with in metal music. Not only does she produce a powerful controlled sound but she can scream like nobody's business. Aside from her singing, Brink brings theatrics and angsty female energy to the stage that absolutely commands your attention. In This Moment released their 7th album, “Mother” in March of this year that has donned singles, “The In-Between”, “Hunting Grounds” and “As Above, So Below”.
    Song Suggestions: Blood, The Fighter, Big Bad Wolf & Oh Lord
    Sharon den Adel – Within Temptation
    Despite never having any vocal training Sharon den Adel's voice plays a major role in Within Temptation's sound and defies stereotypes. Within Temptation is a metal band with symphonic sounds and Sharon den Adel's voice comes through the heavy metal sound to create this soft lyrical vocal tone. In May of this year they released their new single, “Entertain You” that is to be part of the band's upcoming and unreleased album.
    Song Suggestions: Stand My Ground & Faster
    Cristina Scabbia – Lacuna Coil
    This Italy based singer is the co-founder of Lacuna Coil that began in the 90's. Known for her deeper voice that soars through the heavy guitar riffs during the melodic choruses. Scabbia's signature voice keeps Lacuna Coil recognizable though the evolution of their sound through the years. They released their ninth album, “Black Anima” in late 2019. This album donned several singles including, “Layers of Time” that Scabbia has been praised for by critics. Lacuna Coil had a massive tour scheduled through 2020, but since the pandemic have rescheduled shows for next year.
    Song Suggestions: Heaven's A Lie, Trip The Darkness & Reckless
    Ash Costello – New Years Day
    Ash Costello is the lead singer of New Years Day since 2005. She's brings a rough tone with some serious power and will often throw her voice up into a siren like scream. New Years Day released their fourth album, “Unbreakable” that saw success with singles, “Skeletons”, “Shut Up” and “Come For Me”. In late July of 2020 Costello confirmed shes back in the studio working on a new untitled follow up album.
    Song Suggestions: Angel Eyes, Shut Up & Malevolence
    Taylor Momsen - The Pretty Reckless
    Who knew little Jenny was itching to rock? Taylor Momsen started as a child actress and broke into the music scene in her teens. She adopted the grunge goddess look and has a smokey “don't mess with me” voice that will make you listen. The Pretty Reckless plans to release their fourth album, “Death by Rock and Roll” sometime this year. The single, “Death by Rock and Roll” released in May of 2020 and peaked at #8 on the rock airplay billboard charts in late July.
    Song Suggestions: Make Me Wanna Die, Heaven Knows & Take Me Down
    Hayley Williams – Paramore
    With a four octave vocal range there's little room to argue that Hayley has a big voice. She came out into the music scene in her teens. She was a bright orange haired rocking pop punk force that brought a lot of charisma to the stage. Not only does Paramore have an upcoming untitled sixth album in the works, but Williams herself released her debut solo album, “Petals for Armor” in May of 2020. Her debut album donned singles, “Simmer”, “Leave it Alone” and “Dead Horse”.
    Song Suggestions: CrushCrushCrush, Decode, The Only Exception & Ain't It Fun