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Sad Cafe

Sad Café is an English rock band, which formed in Manchester in the late 1970s. Band members included Paul Young (who subsequently joined Mike + The Mechanics). They are best known for their song "Every Day Hurts" which reached Number 3 in the UK Singles Chart in 1979.

Over the course of the band's history, the members were: Paul Young (vocals), Ian Wilson (guitar), Vic Emerson (keyboards), Ashley Mulford (lead guitar), John Stimpson (bass), Tony Cresswell (drums), Dave Irving (drums), Lenni Zaksen (saxophone), Des Tong (bass), Mike Hehir (guitar), Jeff Seopardi (drum programming), Phil Lanzon (keyboards), Steve Pigott (keyboards), Paul Burgess (drums). Only Paul Young and Ian Wilson stayed the full course (although there was a tribute concert after Young's passing that featured Sad Cafe minus Paul Young).

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Misplaced Ideals

  1. Restless
  2. Here Come The Clowns
  3. Run Home Girl
  4. Black Rose
  5. I Believe (Love Will Survive)
  6. Babylon
  7. Shellshock
  8. Hungry Eyes
  9. Feel Like Dying
  10. On With The Show



  1. Take Me To The Future
  2. Nothing Left To Lose
  3. Everyday
  4. Strange Little Girl
  5. Crazy Oyster
  6. Emptiness
  7. Time Is So Hard To Find
  8. Angel
  9. Get Me Outta Here
  10. My Oh My

Sad Cafe

  1. La-Di-Da
  2. Digital Daydream Blues
  3. What Am I Gonna Do
  4. Keeping It From The Troops
  5. I’m In Love Again
  6. Losing You
  7. Dreamin’
  8. No Favours - No Way
  9. Love Today


  1. Love's Enough
  2. Bitter Sweet
  3. Nine
  4. Follow You Anywhere
  5. If You Wanna Get To Heaven
  6. Sweet Gypsy Woman
  7. Misunderstanding
  8. L.A.
  9. Serious Shoes
  10. She Do For Me
  11. Rat Race
Anthology live    


  1. Run Home Girl
  2. Black Rose
  3. (I Believe) Love Will Survive
  4. Hungry Eyes
  5. Nothing Left To Lose
  6. Everyday Hurts
  7. Strange Little Girl
  8. My Oh My
  9. Refugees
  10. Only Love
  11. Keep Us Together
  12. Heart
  13. I’m In Love Again
  14. La Di Da
  15. Whatever It Takes
  16. Losing You


Disc 1

  1. On With The Show
  2. Emptiness
  3. Strange Little Girl
  4. Hungry Eyes
  5. I Believe (Love Will Survive)
  6. La-Di-Da
  7. What Am I Gonna Do
  8. Keeping It From The Troops
  9. Every Day Hurts

Disc 2

  1. Take Me To The Future
  2. Feel Like Dying
  3. Immortal
  4. Restless
  5. My Oh My
  6. Black Rose
  7. Bell Ends
  8. Fanx Tara
  9. Flingus' Holiday
  10. Time Is So Hard To Find
  11. Here Come The Clowns
  12. Wish This Night Would Never End