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Skylark was founded by Eddy Antonini in 1994 with the intent of exploring several musical styles in one project. After adding four members, the group recorded the 1995 album The Horizon and the Storm, the first of a series of yearly releases. From 1996 they released on the Italian label Underground Symphony. The 1997 released Dragon's Secrets received several positive reviews in metal magazines. Antonini also recorded a solo effort, When Water Became Ice, in 1998 in between Skylark releases.

In 1999, they released the first of a two album project, The Divine Gates; the second half was released the following year. The group had several of their albums released in Japan, where they found critical success, particularly in the music magazine Burrn!. They toured Europe in 2000 playing in Germany and headlined at the Rock Machina 2000 festival in Spain.[3] After 2001's The Princess Day, the group embarked on a world tour, including dates in Japan.[1] The group then went on a short hiatus, returning in 2004 with Wings, featuring Kiara Laetitia the new vocalist. After three albums on Scarlet Records, they contracted with Underground Symphony again in 2006. In 2007, they continued the Divine Gates project with a third release "The last gate". In 2007 "The last gate" hit the HMV Japanese Rock and Pop charts at No. 3 only behind Bon Jovi and Dream Theater staying in the Top 50 for several weeks. In January 2008, Skylark played the longest Pan China tour of History for a western band. They played seven headliner shows touching even Haerbin capital of Chinese Siberia, plus one supporting gig with Nightwish and Dream Theater in Beijing and one supporting gig in Shanghai with Nightwish. In May 2008 Skylark played for the first time in the United States and recorded a live DVD of their performance in Phoenix Arizona. This DVD "Divine gates part IV The Live Gate" hit position No. 4 in the HMV Japanese charts only behind Iron MaidenRolling Stones and Britney Spears. Skylark as of 2010 played 5 tours in Japan. In 2011 Kiara Laetitia leaves Skylark.

The album Twilights of Sand stayed on the Japanese Amazon rock/metal chart for 30 days, occupying position number one for 10 day and position number two (only behind the new Van Halen release) for another 10 days. Twilights of Sand also reached the top 100 global chart remaining there for 15 days, reaching its peak at number 12 and ending 32nd in the second week of January (best western act ahead of artists such as Adele and Lady Gaga).

sky1 wings gate1 dvd


1. Music
2. First Night
3. Rose In Her Hand
4. Lions Are The World
5. I'm The Evil
6. Moonlight Shadows (Mike Oldfield Cover)
7. Little Red Riding Hood
8. Love



  1. Rainbow in the Dark
  2. Summer of 2001
  3. Another Reason to Believe
  4. Belzebú, Part 2
  5. Faded Fantasy
  6. Last Ride
  7. A Stupid Song
  8. When Love and Hate Collide
  9. Crystal Lake/Skylark
  10. Was Called Empire


The Last Gate - Divine Gates Part III

1. Intro
2. The Scream
3. Soul of the Warrior
4. Dying Inside
5. Hurricane
6. Believe in Love
7. All Is Wrong
8. Time
9. The Heaven Church (New Version)
10. A Story Not to Tell
11. Mt. Fuji (Electric Version)
12. Mt. Fuji (Acoustic Version)


The Live Gate DVD

1 - Welcome
2 - The Princess' Day
3 - A Rose In Her Hand (with chorus from Rainbow in the Dark)
4 - A Tale That Wasn't Right (Helloween cover)
5 - The Triumph
6 - Dying Inside
7 - Creature of the Devil
8 - Twilight
9 - The Final Countdown (Europe cover)
10 - Fear of the Moon / Belzebu