Sue Saad & The Next

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Sue Saad and the Next was an American new wave band from Los Angeles, California. Their self-titled debut album reached No. 131 in the US Billboard 200 in 1980. Sue Saad and the Next also provided part of the soundtracks for several films during the 1980s such as Roadie (1980), Looker (1981) and Radioactive Dreams (1985). Saad performed in Radioactive Dreams and voiced the main theme for Looker.
It was around 1978 when Sue Marie Saad, James Lance, and Tony Riparetti were joined by guitarist Billy Anstatt and bass player Bobby Manzer to form Sue Saad and The Next.

The band's debut album was co-produced by James Lance and Richard Perry, famous for his production work with Rod Stewart, Carly Simon, Diana Ross and his record label, Planet Records. All of the songs were written by Lance, Riparetti and Saad. The album took less than twenty days to finish at a cost of $50,000. The band continued performing throughout the United States and toured Europe with bands such as UFO and
the Boomtown Rats.


Sue Saad & the Next available on CD:

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